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Sibm Sibm

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hadn't got around to a review.

I just wanted to let you know I thought this has been one of the best songs on newgrounds since I heard it first. We actually used it in out game, and I have it on my ipod too :).

As for the actual critique of the piece, I love how you kept a pretty consistent beat throughout. Someone could really move to the song throughout the entirety of it; which is something I think a lot of music does poorly during transitions. I also loved how you managed to keep the song sounding fresh without digressing too far from the original beat. The finish was also quite well done.

If there's any criticism I could give the song, it would be that the beginning seems a bit generic. There's nothing that really forces you to listen until about 1:30.

Overall a fantastic song man. I love how casual this song was uploaded too. It makes me think your other stuff is going to be even better. Good luck man.

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Drawoh responds:

Thank u very much for the review
and good luck to your future projects as well :)

Tetris (A->N Remix) Tetris (A->N Remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic Again

I like the start a lot. It has great rhythm and the wah wah bit just before the real start to the song is great too. I like the main beat a lot, maybe the drums are a little too complex at first but around one minute it comes together and sounds orgasmic.

The second wah wah sounds good too, but honestly, I love the main beat the most. It's a really foot tapping one that just sounds great. I think it could be improved a little with some more variation on the second time around with the main beat. Or at least make it longer and include the variations later. It's a solid start to a genius song, but since it's so short you'll just have to settle for amazing ;) Keep up the great work guys.

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ApproachingNirvana responds:


O.H.35 - My Dy O.H.35 - My Dy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

~Review Request Club~

The start is fantastic. A sort of mix between rock and techno, what with the guitar in there. The song was well layed out, and progressed nicely. I do think it got a little repetitive at points, and some of the riffs weren't that impressive, and I thought that it could use a little more in the way of effects, but that's it for criticism.

the concept of the song was great. no one mixed an electrical guitar doing rock beats into their techno. Brilliant. It had a nice rhythm, but again it just got a little repetitive over time. more and different fills on the drums, different effects... sorry, i know I said no more criticism, but it's so close to being a great sound. I think that might just be it. Everything about this song screams good, and with just some few tweaks it could be great.

the fact that I gave a decent amount of criticism is not because it's a bad song, but because it's close to being a great song, and what could be changed is what could make it go from good to great, and I hope you know that I really do like the song man. Good luck in future musical endeavors dude.

~Review Request Club~

OH35 responds:

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate the criticism. We made the drums and effects very simple in order to not overwhelm the melodic parts, which are usually so easily overwhelmed (especially in techno) by heavy crazy drum lines and effects. The purpose of this piece was the melodies going from guitar to keyboard back and forth the whole piece. Believe me when I say that we DO add a lot of effects/drums in our pieces, which most of them get deleted in the final phase because too many drums/effects always overwhelm the melodies and that's not our purpose.

Dwelling at the Ocean's Bottom Dwelling at the Ocean's Bottom

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

~Review Request Club~

Classic music isn't my type, but this was a good song man. The rhythm was great, and I found myself more relaxed while listening to the song. It was a great break from my usual music, and I always like to try new things.

I like that the theme of this piece is water. I really can just imagine water dripping and rolling away in the easiest way it can. I wonder if you actually played the piano and recorded it or if you used a computer and told it what notes to play? Either way it was great.

I really don't have any criticisms for this song, because I honestly don't think there's much of a way to improve it. The only thing I can vaguely think of, and this in no way factored into the score, is that you might want to remove the last ten seconds of empty sound before your friend uses it in his flash. Unless of course you meant it to be there.

All in all this is a great song, and a very relaxing one at that. I love it, and you should really keep up the work man. I'll keep in mind to take a look at your other songs, because this one is really impressive.

~Review Request Club~

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Jabicho responds:

Thanks for checking this out! Yep, I played the piano here and recorded it, hehe, I play it on all of my songs, I think it's better for the strength of the playing of the keys, like hard, soft, etc.
Lol when I write and make it play on the pc, it sounds like an 8-bit midi :P
Hehe yeah, about the ten seconds I'm starting to think that it's too much, I'll start cutting it for my next pieces to maybe 4 or 5 after all the sounds go in silence. (thanks for pointing that out)

Thanks for the wonderful words! they mean a lot! Thanks again for your review!

Stride (Mans0n) Stride (Mans0n)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

~Review Request Club~

It has some promise, but the song just doesn't capture my ears like some really great ones do. The bass as the focus of the song would work better if it was stronger. The beats wern't to interesting to me, but that's going to be because I like more upbeat songs, less the relaxing ones.

The start is totally my favorite, 100%, very good. However, the song just kind of tapers off from there. Keep up the good work man, you sound like an artist I'd like more if I heard some more of your stuff. Good luck.

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Mans0n responds:

thanks for your honest opinion! And this can probly be beter since i uploaded it weeks after i made it.

&amp;lt;EagleGuard&amp;gt; Project X <EagleGuard> Project X

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

~Review Request Club!~

Really nice song man, I like the tones under the synth a lot, and it sounded professionally done. The effects were killer and really added a lot to the song and meshed well. The synth got a lot better later in the song and just continued the streak of great rhythms.

I don't have much criticism for this one. the song could use something at points, but as I have no clue what I want in it, I can't expect you to either. very light hearted for a technoish song. Great job man.

EagleGuard responds:

Thank you, glad you liked it. And thanks for the review! :)

SPNR - Missing Something SPNR - Missing Something

Rated 3 / 5 stars

~Review Request Club~

I like the beat, and the song sounds great. It really reminded my of LCD SoundSystem at the middle of the beginningish, which was pretty cool. I really like the synth you use as well. Don't get me wrong from the list of criticism I give, because I do like the song, really I do, I just think there's a lot that could be done to improve it, which is a good thing, because that means it's worth improving :).

I think that the bass could be more audible, because it's a good line, it just can't be heard all that well. I think you take to much time to lead into things that arn't that great as well. bits that should be the lead up are in the climax of the song, and the lead into bits sound weak at points as well. I think the drums are pretty good, but not very innovative. I think the climax of the song would make a great beat for another song, and it could be a damn good song then. as is, it's pretty decent. better than a lot of the crap in the audio portal, but it's also worse than a lot of the great songs in the portal.

Keep working at it man, this could be a great song with some more effort.

JBI - My Destiny JBI - My Destiny

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

~Review Request Club~

The song takes a little while to get going, but it's a nice way for it to start. It sounds very epic, like I can imagine a hero doing random heroic things with this playing in the background. You know, like in movies when they want to encompass a lot of time quickly.

I like the marching drums at the start, but they do get a little repetitive. It's obviously not something you'd just listen to on its own, it really needs video to accompany it, so I'm not going to grade it down because I wouldn't listen to it on my own. It is very good for what it is, and I wouldn't flinch to hear it in a professionally done movie. great work man.

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Electric Sandwich Electric Sandwich

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

not bad

Pretty good man. I like the beat, and it has a lot, and the song seems to go in all the right directions with it. As a whole, it's nothing spectacular, but I really do like it a lot. The beat is simple, but it is a good one.

The song never really moves away from its simplistic beginnings, and some of the fills a pretty repetitive. I really like the synth you use later in the song, and the bass is a good one. the drums are alright, but I really think they could do being more complex. If you added some different effects and mixed the drums up a little, it could be a very good song. Keep it up man, you're pretty good at this.

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KieranNG responds:

Thanks man.

SN | Felix^3 | SN SN | Felix^3 | SN

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not my song, but good

I'm not a fan of the super fast drum beat in the mix with a slow song, but you actually pull it out somehow. While it's not mindblowing or anything, it's alright. The drums remind me of Infected Mushroom a little, and there are some impressive moments in the song.

However, it is on the short side, and I just am not a huge fan of the super fast drums and the slow piano. Good song though man, I guess what I'm saying is that it's not my style. Keep it up though, it's pretty good for what it is.

~Review Request Club~

SessileNomad responds:

i guess these beats are i bit lik IM, but to me they are often a bit more minimalist with their drums, and i generally hear more dancy tunes by them

generally i dont mix tempos, this was pretty much an experiment with all that jive

thanks for the review